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staplerfahrer (solo):

staplerfahrer “uh-oh” c20 (dim records)

staplerfahrer “perron 58” mp3 (vatican analog)

staplerfahrer “burying lamps in the deep solitude” cdr (striate cortex)

staplerfahrer “spring fever” c28 (905 tapes)

staplerfahrer “transcendental wound” mp3 (control valve)

staplerfahrer “treetops” lp (heilskabaal records)

staplerfahrer “i’ll never be a rock ‘n’ roll saint” cdr (dim records)

staplerfahrer “(for katharina)” mp3 (earlabs)

staplerfahrer “canzoni senza casa” mp3 (tibprod.)

staplerfahrer “cadure / soreville” cdr (break-the-line!)

staplerfahrer “cadure” mp3 (menthe de chat)

staplerfahrer “depths in perception” cdr (tibprod.)

staplerfahrer “scsi vs ata” cdr (tibprod.)



staplerfahrer (live recordings):

staplerfahrer “ruido experimental” cdr (dim records)

staplerfahrer “converter” cdr (vatican analog)

staplerfahrer “live @ hoezo expo eindhoven” mp3 (menthe de chat)

staplerfahrer “twist and press out of shape” cdr (dim records)

staplerfahrer “live at OT301” cdr (carbon records)

staplerfahrer “crusades” cdr (krakilsk)



staplerfahrer (collaborations):

staplerfahrer / sigtryggur berg sigmarson “two lost souls” cd (korm plastics)

chefkirk / staplerfahrer “crystal memory shreds” c38 (2:00am tapes)

staplerfahrer / sascha neudeck “different angle of view” cdr (tibprod)

vincent koreman / staplerfahrer “k15 / k15 rmx” 3″ cdr (vatican analog)

zan hoffman “you, me, us & them: adulterate fragmentary requests” cdr (zh27)

zan hoffman “the twists and turns of the loved and hated E” cdr (zh27)

zan hoffman “the twists and turns of the loved and hated DJ” cdr (zh27)

zan hoffman “masters of the ungentlemany art: grapple with inertia systems” cdr (zh27)



staplerfahrer (splits):

chapels / staplerfahrer “spit” c50 (dim records)

staplerfahrer / nils rostad / sindre bjerga “tour2009” cdr (no label)

bjerga/iversen / staplerfahrer “basque tour summer 2008” cdr (tibprod / gold soundz)

staplerfahrer / vincenzo bossi “split/live” cdr (nervous nurse)

staplerfahrer / incite/ “split cdr” cdr (authorised version)



staplerfahrer (compilations):

v/a “to live and shave in la – the grief that shrieked to multiply” 3cd (monotype records)

v/a “soup of freak” c62 (rainbow bridge)

v/a “salon bruit – berlin retrospective 2002-2011” mp3 (audition records)

v/a “dutch darkness: selected works from the dark & disorderly” mp3 (smell the stench)

v/a “with friends like these: 10 years of pissing in the wind” cdr (gold soundz)

v/a “geluidpost” 2cdr (lokaal01/universaal kunst)

v/a “maurizio bianchi remixed” cdr (tibprod)

v/a “audioscoop compilation 1” 2lp (audioscoop)

v/a “show the love” cd (vatican analog)

v/a “avontuurlijke muziek 07/08 in brabant” cd (avontuurlijke muziek)

v/a “don’t get annoyed, get inspired!” cd (ambolthue)

v/a “britney jean spears, an all american slave” cdr (vatican analog)

v/a “neues noise” cdr (vatican analog)

v/a “re>bound 7” cdr (zesde kolonne)

v/a “track 13” 2cd (gonzo circus)

v/a “grannittin” 2cdr (esc.rec.)

v/a “gay for noise” c60 (hair club tapes)

v/a “rewired burglar alarms” cdr (gold soundz)

v/a “noise to meet you – europe” cdr (simple logic)

v/a “reconstruct III, s.u.n. remixed” 2cdr (tibprod./krakilsk)

v/a “catz-en-jammer vol. 2 & 4” cdr (tibprod.)

v/a “root of sine – microsound edition” mp3 (audiobulb)

v/a “positions 9 to 32” mp3 (pyo workgroup)

v/a “il programma di religione” cd (boyarm)

v/a “reconstruct II, cadmium dunkel remixed” cdr (tibprod.)

v/a “(re) kkfs” mp3 (fronha)

v/a “reconstruct I, iversen remixed” cdr (tibprod.)




4daladiez “white power, white poser” cdr (vatican analog)

massive ejaculation / 4daladiez “split tape” c40 (emerson lake headache)

sindre bjerga / 4daladiez “split cdr” cdr (gold soundz)



a vibrant struggle:

v/a “the trees are all blocking the forest” 2cdr (striate cortex)

a vibrant struggle “the molten snow tapes vol. 5” c60 (lighten up sounds)

a vibrant struggle “soft illusions” c30 (2:00am tapes)

a vibrant struggle “black hole meditation” cdr (house of alchemy)

a vibrant struggle “between the woods and frozen lake” cdr (moving furniture)

a vibrant struggle / fossils from the sun “split c60” c60 (bumtapes)

a vibrant struggle “astral bleach” c90 (gold soundz)

a vibrant struggle “whispering bones” cdr (small doses)

heat conference / ctephin / a vibrant struggle “druids” 3-way c92 (905 tapes)

a vibrant struggle “crystal skull meditation” c40 (dim records)




hexeneiche “boilerroom” c20 (lage landen lawaai)

hexeneiche “hexeneiche” c10 (dim records)

hexeneiche “meditation mishaps” mp3 (control valve)

sigtryggur berg sigmarsson & hexeneiche “non-public modes” cdr (karl schmidt verlag)

hexeneiche “pfeffernase” mp3 (vatican analog)

hexeneiche “angsthase” mp3 (vatican analog)




kamloops “ranzmitter” cdr (kwark records)

kamloops “appearing as such but not necessarily so” c40 (turgid animal)

v/a “calling all reactive agents vol. 4” cdr (anima mal nata)

kamloops “i got to hold a hummingbird today” cdr (ambolthue records)

kamloops “i’m a binge eater and i don’t know why i do it” mp3 (B&R records)

kamloops “kamloops” c10 (dim records)

kamloops / feverspoor “the dutch cure” cdr (anima mal nata)

kamloops “regret / syrup” c20 (tin cans and twine)



larraskito audio dissection unit

larraskito audio dissection unit “exiled in bilbao” cd (dim records, goldsoundz, tibprod., series negras)



preliminary saturation:

preliminary saturation “20 Dec. 1979” cdr (vatican analog)

v/a “megahz compilation” cdr (smtg limited)

preliminary saturation “disciples of the vatican” cdr (vatican analog)

preliminary saturation “hell’s mouth” c30 (dim records)

preliminary saturation “staring at empty eyes” cdr (dirty demos)

preliminary saturation “cigarettes and sandpaper” mp3 (zeromoon)



white river:

white river “white river” cdr (flittermice)


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