Ordering music, requests for gigs or any other question?

Contact me:

Steffan de Turck

Lange Nieuwstraat 200

5041 DJ  Tilburg

The Netherlands

+31 6 1236 6926

steffandeturck (addd)


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hey Steffan,
    great to discover your staplerfahrer-page.
    I was reading the Gonzo and therefore I will go to your mailaddress to order:
    white light!!! Hope to meet you soon….
    stay tuned, hubertuz

  2. Hallo Stefan,
    i am/was amazed-hypernated by your concentration/ not being there with your audience (in visual way )but most of all your not from this world-sound!!
    – to the ground – and bringing such other things than is (i did) expected at a noisefest. Felt a little bit stupid buying tree tops in drunk conditions, but happily ever after! thank you!

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