The Homestead Principle #5

The Homestead Principle project by Sebastiaan Schlicher comprises a series of artistic takeovers of gallery spaces and art venues through site-specific installations and noise performances (‘performative installations’) created with his collective Amerikan Teenager.

The series next installment takes place on november 8, 2014 during the annual GLOW Eindhoven festival, when Amerikan Teenager will host an artist-run Band Camp at Het Glaspaviljoen.

During this 5th artistic takeover, visitors, artists, musicians and passers-by are invited to spend the day on the Pavillion’s premises, exchange thoughts and ideas and engage in preparatory activities for the evening’s programme of music and performances. A sculptural multimedia installation whose construction will serve as a backdrop to these events will remain on display in the pavillion until the 15th of November.

An aural document of the event will be released on audio cassette through Eindhoven’s Barreuh Record label towards the end of the year.

Jurgen Zweemer * Umgebung * joe kisser * Staplerfahrer (Steffan de Turck-Trowell) * Antoine Panaché * A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm * Nancy Acid * Selfindulgent Asshole (Gilbert van Drunen) * Danielle Liebeskind * VISITORS * Blodfet & DJ Lonely (Jonas Ohlsson) * AmErIkAn TeEnAgEr *

Click here for further info.

The Homestead Principle #5

The Homestead Principle #5


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