A/V Club #10

This is going to happen next month! Great night with all kinds of music organized by friends and featuring even more friends! EZDANITOFF is the project-driven collaboration of Dutch soundartists FRANS DE WAARD and WOUTER JASPERS. Ezdanitoff reinterpretates the past of experimental composed music, creating new work around different theme’s and techniques. Currently Ezdanitoff is on tour with their project “Bandwidth,” based on John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape 4, in which they perform live with radio signals and analog electronica. For the concert at OCCII Ezdanitoff teams up with Canadian wunderkind STAN STENCIL, who will give the perfect visuals to Ezdanitoff’s psychedelic soundtrack!

Amsterdam’s own purveyor of percussion and sound, RORO is a drummer who experiments with free percussion sounds. He plays with improv group DAGORA & collaborates with many other mad men & women – he is recently returned from tour with Earth’s Dylan Carlson and preparing for another as drummer with Marshal Allen of Sun Ra & film maker James Harrar.

A/V Club #10 at the OCCII

A/V Club #10 at the OCCII


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