Neopaganism on the rocks

Project Baksteen introduces art into the urban areas of Tilburg at the time that vacancy arises or before the demolition of a neighborhood occurs. Young, local artists are invited to work in the empty spaces, inspired by and together with the neighborhood. In September Project Baksteen will open its doors so that you can come on over and take a look at the houses and gardens that are part of the project.

At this very moment Leilani and I are putting our ArtFart on in a house on the Veliusstraat. Our house has been vacant for quite a while and its garden has been left alone in such a way that nature could claim it all back. This return of the rural into the urban inspired us to work on themes like Neopaganism and Wicca in the garden. Inside the house we’re recording and creating a sound piece that celebrates the absence of residents and acoustic qualities that have a sleeping presence.

We’ll keep you posted on the proceedings and let you know when you can come and visit us!

Project Baksteen 2012

Project Baksteen 2012


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