Summer feeling

It’s July and the annual funfair is back in Tilburg. It’s pretty awesome to wander around at night gazing at its colourful lights and soaking up the cacophony of Top-40 hits and all sorts of horns and sirenes. Also makes me aware that I have to get out of this town and spend some holidays abroad! Touring and playing concerts is like a vacation to me so I like to combine it with my “regular holidays”. This August for instance, I’ll be visiting the dOCUMENTA (13) in Kassel and on the 15th of that month I’ll play a show at either the Weinberg-Krug or the Warte für Kunst in that same city in Germany. Then fast forward to October when on the 5th I’ll make an appearance at the Shina festival in Idrija, Slovenia where I’ll play alongside a.o. Natural Snow Buildings and Marko Karlovecec, and then at the end of this year I hope to make a return to the Ausklang festival in Hamburg (to be confirmed!). Nice things to look out for and there might be some other stuff crossing my path as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Tilburg funfair

Tilburg funfair


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