Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude

May 18th saw the official release of my new album “Burying Lamps In The Deep Solitude” at Striate Cortex. It’s a collection of new tracks that I made in the period after S.C.’s head honcho Andy invited me to do a limited edition release on his label earlier this year in February. It turned out to become a very droney affair with sound samples originating from guitar feedback, processed sine tones and various water recordings. Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly had to say the following about it:

“For quite a number of years now, Steffan de Turck works as Staplerfahrer, leaving his traces mainly in the world of cassettes and CDR releases. Here’s a new one with recent music (I assume). His work shows a love of the analogue, hissy cassettes, cheap samplers and electronics. This might be the first time, I think, I hear him use extensively the guitar, although not in every track. ‘Astral Showers’ is the one piece which reflects the older Staplerfahrer using a rough field recording of a water stream – perhaps recorded in the shower indeed rather than a nice creek outside. In the other four pieces we have the guitar, of which the first part of ‘Incidental Guitar’ is not really my cup of tea. Much too much a freak out noise session. But in the other three pieces there is a great sense of gentleness about it. According to the press text, the two parts of ‘Color Meditation’ is created with sine waves (oops) of which ‘(blue)’ sounds very much like an Alvin Lucier piece, but is a bit more noise oriented and a fine piece to close the CDR. ‘(brown)’ on the other hand and the second part of the ‘Incidental Guitar’ are excellent examples of drone like/guitar drone music which work. Apart from that somewhat noisy intro, which seems out of place, this is a great release. Time for a real CD!”

You can order your copy over here. It’s housed in a gorgeous wallet that is designed and handmade by Andy himself.

Burying Lamps iIn The Deep Solitude

Burying Lamps iIn The Deep Solitude


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