Exiled In Bilbao

Problems in Poland are keeping my album “Perron 58” from being published and at this point I’m not even sure if Audiotong will ever release it at all. Makes me sad as I was hoping to have it “out” for several months already. Hope to hear something positive by the end of this year, but I guess sometimes it’s just better to take matters into your own hands. Like “we” did with the Larraskito sessions from 2008. In that year Sindre Bjerga, Jan-M. Iversen and I were touring the Basque country and met up and worked together with local artists. On the 29th of June (the day that Spain defeated Germany in the Euro 2008 final…) we organised a day of sessions with Miguel A. Garcia, Oier I.A., Kakofunk, Carlos Valverde and a passing by Cam Deas. During that day we recorded a string of 20/30 minute sessions in which a rotating set-up of 3 people would improvise with each other.  The edited and mastered results of these sessions are now finally available on CD. It’s a joint effort between Goldsoundz, Series Negras, TIBProd. and my own Dim Records. A listing at Discogs can be found here (soon with sound clips!).

Exiled in Bilbao (front)

Exiled in Bilbao (front)

Exiled in Bilbao (inside)

Exiled in Bilbao (inside)


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