The Joy of Music

This Saturday Wouter and I were attending and performing at a festival in Landgraaf, Limburg. No, it had nothing to do with Pinkpop but we only wished that they had taken promotion as serious as Pinkpop… They did have big plans for us: 2 solo’s, 1 duo performance and a duo DJ-set (to top it all off). Most of it worked out pretty well : we had a nice set up for our equipment, PA was okay (after some messing around), there was an endless stream of Duvel… but there was hardly any audience.

Apart from the bartenders, sound guys, organizers and other artists, there where about 4 attendees sitting at the bar. After some head scratching we decided to give it a go anyway and started off in duo formation. And that was the start of something really great. For at least an hour we played a dynamic set of electro acoustics, drones and noise and thus exploring all the possibilities of the instruments we brought along. I can’t remember if I ever played for so long on stage, but it was so much fun. We were enjoying it a lot. At 11 pm we told the audience that we’d leave them for a 5-minute cigarette break and would return for the DJ-set. In the end we even made 3 people dance to our crazy mix of mp3’s, cassettes and live electronics…

Preliminary Saturation at the AIA-festival in Landgraaf (NL)

Preliminary Saturation at the AIA-festival in Landgraaf (NL)


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