As you might have heard me mention before, Jos Smolders did an excellent job in mastering my upcoming CD “Perron 58” that soon will be released on AudioTong records. Looking back on the beginnings of our friendship, I remember sending Jos some demos in 2003 or so. I also remember the very negative but sincere criticism I received back from him. I used it as good advice, recognized the flaws in my work and started working on making my music “better”. Some years later I sent him a new demo and received positive feedback, though with an advice to change the order in one of the tracks. I did and it indeed made more sense. I appreciate that a lot in Jos: the constructive criticism during the process of making music. Eventually my music got released on Jos’ Earlabs netlabel in 2006. Earlabs as a label was a bit off the radar for a couple of years but has made a comeback in a new form in 2011. In the light of that event some of the old releases have been re-released and so has mine. You can listen to and/or download it over here.

Für Katharina

Für Katharina


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