Bandcamp dollars

Time for a new experiment… Cultural funding is heading for an all time low here in the Netherlands so as an independent sound artist I have to think of some new ways to get me some dollars. Bandcamp gives me an opportunity to do this: I can put my music online and choose if I want to give it away for free or if I ask you for a little amount of money before downloading. With my latest upload I’m going for the second option. I’m keeping the barrier low for this try-out so I’ll let you choose the price for the track.

The new track  is an edited room recording of a staplerfahrer gig at Bosch Acousmatic in Arnhem, The Netherlands, on the 13th of May 2011. The track starts off with a drone in the lower fields of the sound spectrum during which I make use of various cassette loops on my 4-track that is linked to a delay box. By using coils to pick up the electro magnetic fields surrounding a stand alone camera flash, I boost the piece towards the higher frequencies and I end in a noisy finale while feedbacking everything through the mixing board and the delay box. You can buy the recording over here. Thanks in advance for your support!


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