Making movies with Dan, Jimmy & Robby

Last year during Incubate 2010 I was driving Dan Deacon, Jimmy Joe Roche and Robby Rackleff around in the Netherlands while they were filming their “Hilvarenbeek” project as part of the Glocal program. Eventually I also helped out as boom-boy and was pushed into playing a role in the film. It was fun shooting blanks with an AK-47 and strolling around in the woods of Hilvarenbeek. It was also hectic because schedules changed by the hour which made it hard to plan my own life among travels up and down Amsterdam, picking up equipment here and there and shootings without any foreseeable end. I do have fond memories of picking up the guys from their camping site in Hilvarenbeek and drinking La Chouffe’s with them after a tedious day at work and spending the pleasant summer night in downtown Tilburg. The movie is finally ready and you can watch the beginning of my movie career over here.

Emptying an AK-47 in Hilvarenbeek

Emptying an AK-47 in Hilvarenbeek


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