John Watermann

John Watermann was an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Over the course of his life Watermann worked with almost every conceivable artistic medium. In many ways, he was the epitome of the “total artist”; almost every element of his life being in some way his own artistic project. Despite his vast artistic output, Watermann has been known almost exclusively for his music and even then his work remains largely undiscovered, perhaps for no other reason than its sheer unavailability. In many ways Watermann could be considered a classic example of the artists’ artist, his work influencing many far more prominent sonic alchemists.”

I’ve heard of John Watermann before, but I didn’t get into his work until I was in contact with Cold Spring recently, whom I presented my newest project “Perron 58” (as this project is finished I am now looking for labels to release it for me and Cold Spring was one of them). Their roster is too full right now, but they’ve let me know that my tracks are good and that they reminded them of the work of John Watermann. So for me that was a reason to dive into the music of the late Mr. Watermann. It’s true to some extent that I hear some resemblance in his work with mine, but so far that only goes up for his 1990 work “Ambiguity”. Other ones are more “rhythmic” then I’ll ever probably be. But regardless of all that, do check him out if you didn’t already. Many of his early self-released works are available as free downloads at Alias Frequencies.


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