Stranded in Neverland

It was this Sunday that my Norwegian buddies Sindre Bjerga and Nils Rostad started a short European tour with playing a concert here at the Vatican Analog living room in Tilburg. I guess the Dutch Carnaval was a bit working against us as not a lot of people showed up to see these dudes do their thing… but it was a good one: we met some new people and enjoyed some good music. For me it also brought back memories of 2009 when I was on tour with Sindre and Nils in Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany. So I’ve been scrolling through my catalog of live recordings and found back a good one of a collaborative performance we did at the S.I.N. bar in Berlin at the end of our tour. It sounds pretty rough and the sounds of the bar, the chit-chatting audience and a telephone blend in pretty well… so to speak. I’ve uploaded the recording to my Bandcamp site over here.

live at S.I.N. Berlin

live at S.I.N. Berlin


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