Roads to explore…

This weeks Vital Weekly features a review of the chefkirk / staplerfahrer tape on 2:00AM Tapes:

Since we have Jliat on board to this the great walls of noise, I am happy to leave all of Chefkirk’s work to his hands, but this one is different. Last year Roger Smith, the Chefkirk, toured Europe and played also in Tilburg, where he met up with Steffan de Turck, also known as Staplerfahrer. They played a joint concert at Perron 58. Now to some extend this is a noisy piece of music (split in two), but because of the type of recording (microphone from a walkman), the sound remains a bit a far, which enhances the pleasure of hearing this. But its also because both men don’t restrict to playing just harsh noise for forty minutes. Instead they offer a more collage like approach, which even leaves gaps for moments of silence, certainly on side A of this tape. On the b-side things get a bit louder and more together, with the silent bits being phased out. But throughout its actually a nice work involving no input mixer, sampler, credit card reader, contact microphones and four track. Now these are roads Chefkirk should explore more, me thinks. (FdW in Vital Weekly #769)”

Crystal Memory Shreds is available from 2:00AM Tapes.

Note: this is not a “joint concert”, this was a “studio recording session”, using not “microphone from a walkman”, but a “zoom portable recording device”.

Chefkirk live at Vatican Analog

Chefkirk live at Vatican Analog


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