One minute mind

In the past few days I’ve been working on a collaborative work with Shaun Sandor (aka Promute) from the USA. Pure audio but with one restriction: the result should not exceed the 1 minute mark… and that’s quite difficult or a challenge to say the least. A minute doesn’t give a lot of room to let things slowly evolve and you have to keep the “storytelling” rather short. Shaun sent me three 1 minute drones to work with and the first days I didn’t get a lot further then eventually taking my hands out of my hair. Then I sampled a little snippet out of the first drone, made a creepy loop out of it and combined the loop in intervals with that same drone. The next movement starts when the first drone ends and a loud drum roll takes over for the sake of a nice transition, while a second drone gently merges in. Towards the end the first loop returns as it goes well with the drum roll and because they basically refer to each other in terms of rhythm. And so the story comes to an end or can be continued by looping the whole track into infinity (but that might be cheating with the restrictions…). If you wanna hear how the track sounds then you should keep an eye out for the 9th volume of Hal McGee’s “International Email Audio Art Project” that should be published in a week or so!

Distilled Missile

Distilled Missile


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