The department of neglected sounds

On their website Animal Psi posted a review of the chefkirk / staplerfahrer tape on 2:00AM Tapes:

Down in the department of neglected sounds, Chefkirk (Roger Smith) and Staplerfahrer (Steffan De Turck, of A Vibrant Struggle) conduct their weird electronic experiments on unsuspecting devices to make ‘Crystal Memory Shreds’. Assembled mostly from middle machines primarily dependent on input – mixer, credit card reader, contact mics – the pair exploit the inherent noise of the electrified machines themselves, cheated out with samples, but mostly emitting the desolate whistle of circuits allowed the day off. Thin-toned, vibrating, steel-plated, lead-heavy – often harsh but not emotively so, the two-part performance sprawls out over forty minutes with regular but gapped bursts – shreds – of sound; this over a vast, revolving array of longer-drawn sounds which mimic rhythm, space, and textures. This apparent separation does much to parse out the two performers, while the tortured mechanics of the instruments reunites the sound through a common plight”.

‘Crystal Memory Shreds’ is still available at 2:00AM Tapes. Get it over here.

chefkirk + staplerfahrer tape

chefkirk + staplerfahrer tape


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