New release and review

The return of Dim Records presented a new staplerfahrer release on cassette. It’s a nifty split release with Chapels (aka Adam Richards, head honcho of House of Alchemy records) from Buffalo NY, USA. Vital Weekly reviewed it this week and this is what they had to say about it:

“A split release with from the US Chapels and from the Netherlands Staplerfahrer, released by the label of the latter. I don’t think I heard the music of Chapels before. Its a bit of strange music here. Far away, drenched with sound effects, there is, perhaps, music. Voices, organ, field recordings? I am not sure. But whatever I thought, it sounds pretty much alright. Lo-fidelity soundscapes, relatively easy and cheaply made perhaps, but it works pretty well. Staplerfahrer on the other side has a great piece, which starts out with low humming pulses, that over the course of twenty-five minutes builds up in a strong, drone like manner. A very dynamic piece, even when some of the dynamics are lost in the translation to the medium of cassette, but somehow I think this is an intentional thing from Staplerfahrer. Nice one. (FdW)”.

The cassette is available (€7 including worldwide shipping) at Dim Records.




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