The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5

Last week, “The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5” by A Vibrant Struggle got a favorable review in Vital Weekly 762: “In 2007 Jan-M Iversen, Sindre Bjerga (together sometimes known as Bjerga/Iversen) and Steffan de Turck (Staplerfahrer) got together in a cabin somewhere in the mountains of Norway. A story that I typed before, since that week long session spawned a variety of releases. Armed with their tools – guitar, contact microphones, electronics and they recorded every bit they did. Hence a flurry of releases which goes on for years now. The previous one I heard was ‘Between The Woods And Frozen Lake’ didn’t do much for me (“Just why this was dug out for release kind of eludes me”, I wrote, perhaps somewhat harshly), but then this one however is quite nice. Again the menu prescribes ‘improvisation’ and that’s what these three men do, and they do it well here. I am not sure to what extend these recordings have been edited – hardly it seems to me – but ‘Perfumed Nightmare’, the b-side here, is a nice piece of flowing electronics, feedback, small sounds (cutlery from the kitchen is mentioned) and flutes make up one of the finest moments I heard from this sometimes hit and miss trio. Quite curious to see when this particular vault is empty. (FdW)“.

The bottom of the vault is becoming visible: next month should see the release of the 2CDR “The Trees Are All Blocking The  Forest” on Striate Cortex from the UK that will feature an AVS track. This compilation will also present tracks by Wereju, Astral Social Club and a solo piece by Sindre a.o. After that we are left with the 2 very last tracks that came out of those cabin sessions back in 2007 and for which we are hoping to find a hospitable label soon (these 2 tracks would fit perfectly on a C30!). “The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5” is still available via us or the friendly folks over at Lighten Up Sounds.

"The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5" C60

"The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5" C60


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