live at K@Rlab#9

In May of last year I played 2 shows at a 3-day festival in Ottersum (NL): K@Rlab#9, which was organized at a cultural residence (located at a stone’s throw from the German border) that in former times used to be a monastery (the setting was very beautiful). The first show I did was a staplerfahrer solo on  Saturday (opening up for Pierre Bastien!) and the day after I took part in an “Electronic Jam Session” with Huub de Bode, Roel Meelkop, Frans de Waard, Claus van Bebber and Wouter Jaspers. I’ve uploaded the recording of this session as a free download to my Bandcamp site. Had to do that in two parts as Bandcamp didn’t allow me to post the whole 45 minutes in one go. Free downloads are limited at Bandcamp so get them while you can over here!

live at K@Rlab#9

live at K@Rlab#9


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