Interesting week

Well, an interesting week indeed… on Wednesday Leilani, Vincent and I traveled down south to Brussels to play a White River show at the Gonzo (circus) #100 party in the Beursschouwburg. Brussels looked pretty vibrant with it’s Christmas markets and was buzzin’ with people on the streets. It was also very crowded in front of the Ancienne Belgique around the corner of the venue where we were playing (it turned out that Ke$ha was playing there that night…). Played a nice show together with Vince: noisy and rhythmic. Leilani made some photos and almost shot the entire set on video, which you can find over here.

White River live in Brussels

White River live in Brussels

and then on Saturday Leilani and I traveled down to Limburg for my staplerfahrer gig at the Castle Space Sound Festival in Baarlo. Playing in a castle… that sounds magical right? It did have a lot of potential as there was a nice line up of artists and a pretty ok location. Unfortunately the organization of the night failed on many levels: no schedule, no food, no money etc. A pity, because it could have been so much better.


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