This is damaged beauty

The Lighten Up Sounds label from Lake City USA just released a new A Vibrant Struggle cassette release! A C60 this time, so two longs slabs of synth drones, electro acoustic cluttering and feedback!

Here’s what they say about it at the Lighten Up Sounds site: “Dense drones slowly morph into piercing tones in these harsh/ambient electro-acoustic soundscapes. Hailing from the Netherlands, “A Vibrant Struggle” is a trio consisting of Sindre Bjerga, Jan Morten Iverson and Steffan de Turck. “The Molten Snow Tapes” are the result of an epic recording session from September 2007. Secluded in a cabin up in the high mountains of Norway, the tape rolled day and night while contact mics were applied to the kitchen cutlery. Rhythmic abrasions, minimal electronics, spidery guitar, and euphoric synth combine to create these two stunning tracks of long-form transcendental meditation music for the disturbed. Blissful, scraping and brilliant. With an expansive back catalog of past releases on such labels as 905 tapes, House of Alchemy, 2:00AM tapes, Small Doses, Gold Soundz, and Bum tapes, “A Vibrant Struggle” is a welcome new addition to the Lighten-Up Sounds roster. White shell with full color labels comes packaged with a matching full color double sided U-card in a clear Norelco case. This is damaged beauty.”

Order your copy over here!

The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5

The Molten Snow Tapes Vol. 5


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