Change of plans

Yeah well, in the end I didn’t make it anymore to the Brabant Noise night in Utrecht… which was a pity but I had to give priority to something else that day. The night before (on a Friday) I got a distress call from my girlfriend Leilani who just started a trip through Eastern Europe and was in Prague at the moment. Her travel partner turned out to be quite impossible to hang out with for another 10 days and she had to ditch him. On top of that she was spending the night at a squat filled with assholes… We were trying to look for a solution through the phone, trying to get her moving on towards Vienna or maybe coming back to Tilburg. In the end I suggested to come over to Prague and try to make something good out of this trip she started. About an hour later I was in the car on my way to Prague.

Turned out to be one of the longest drives I ever did in one go… fueled by coffee and cigarettes I sped my way through Germany. My TomTom doesn’t know anything about the Czech Republic, so by the time I reached Chemnitz it was back to the good old fashioned Google map print outs. Worked out well though, only time I got into a bit of a problem was when I tried to find the Letensky tunnel that would get me into the part of Prague where I needed to be. I met up with Leilani at the Palladium Mall and humped her as an excited little puppy right there on the bench where she was sitting on.

We made a nice weekend out of it. Had a big breakfast with Bloody Mary’s at the Mall, strolled a bit along the shops and went out on the look for a hotel, as we decided to spend the night there. Not happy with the available possibilities of the middle class hotels, we chose for the 5-star luxury of the Imperial hotel with its fabulous art deco interiors. It was the right thing to do at the moment, we were both in need of some serious relaxing and the sauna was a welcome extra. After a nap we went into the city around 1 am, heading for the Chapeau Rouge where DJ’s were spinning on every floor. We danced, enjoyed the crowd and had shots of Absinth at the bar. Satisfied and drunk we returned to our hotel.

Next morning’s breakfast at the hotel was lovely and later we went out for a walk through the old town centre and took a walk on the Karls’ bridge. At 1 pm we were going to meet up with Jan from KLaNGundKRaCH records and one of the guys who organized my gig of last February at the Chapeau Rouge. After some coffees and chats about music and squatting in Prague, me and Leilani decide to start our trip back to Tilburg. The huge amounts of snow falling from the sky already gave a prediction of a long and tedious drive back… but we made it.


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