Happy Holidays!

Oh yes… we’re heading towards the end of the year again. 2009 in a nutshell.. was basically one of big changes. Things slowed down a bit with Vatican Analog in terms of organizing gigs, but we did move into a new studio and the building where this is in does give new opportunities for the future. A break from organizing stuff and less touring than in the years before, gave me more time to focus on my music and work out new projects. Next year should see the release of an album that covers the last 6 or so years of me being staplerfahrer: the best bits of all those cdr, mp3 and compilations that came out during that time. Another thing that should see completion somewhere next year, is a project I started with Jos Smolders and Wouter Jaspers. Version 2.0 of the EARLabs 3 project that Jos originally took up with Sascha Neudeck and Christopher McFall.

And yes, the biggest change of them all is quite frankly the best. Who would have thought that the girl that I met during touring the US East Coast and with whom I spend a really good time in Chapel Hill and New York, would turn out to become my girlfriend and now lives with me here in the Netherlands? Oh! The magical realism of life! Me and Leilani wish you all the best for 2010 and that you have a good one at new year’s eve. Go wild, go nuts, go stupid, ghost-ride the whip!


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