Prague is cancelled and other things that are going to happen

The planned gig for the 3rd of June in Prague is cancelled due to a serious lack of time from my side (work related) and some flaws in organization on the Czech side. Pity, but no worries since it is in the planning for some time later this year.

Not a lot else to mention gig wise. Simply because I haven’t got that much planned for the coming year. The exception being the 3rd installment of the Optimus Prime Noise fest, which will be held on the 12th of June in my hometown Tilburg. See the flyer below: I’ll play under my Kamloops moniker. 

But music wise things are still in development. At the moment I’m working on an overview album covering the years 2003 to 2009. Will be a collection of tracks that were released as mp3’s, cdr albums and on compilation/remix albums. In a way, a means to end a chapter in my life (giving an insight on what I’ve done so far) and a motivation to explore new musical territories. The tracks are selected and what’s left to finish it off is the mastering. I’ll keep you posted.

OPN3 flyer

OPN3 flyer


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