Another 5 minutes – 25th & 26th February

I did find out about it indeed, although it was more unpleasant due to the cold then the uncomfy position. After I grabbed my bones together we headed for the train station, ready to change Polish soil for the Czech one.

 Praha is our first destination. After a short walk into town we pretty soon find the venue for tonight. The Chapeau Rouge is located on a stone’s throw from the main town square (the one with the clock tower and stuff) and it’s there where we also meet up with the KlangundKrach guys (who set up our 2 shows in the Czech republic). They take us all the way down to the second basement and we end up in another great room + the first real backstage of the tour! There we are treated on a great meal and some really nice beer.

Nils at the Chapeau Rouge

Nils at the Chapeau Rouge

Big amount of people came out to see the show tonight. Well, relatively speaking that is… and as compared to Poland it was a big step forward in attendance. Great crowd nonetheless: they came up close to the stage and stood there with attention. Was happy with my show and at the end of the night we also did a trio impro set, which went down quite well (although slightly disturbed by the dancehall beats from upstairs.).  Also had a nice talk about the music scene in Praha with a girl that plays the violin in an experimental setting. Makes me wonder if it’ll be in any way like Cybéle Collins’ work. Hope to receive something soon.

Breakfast at KlangundKrach headquarters

Breakfast at KlangundKrach headquarters

Great night altogether and we end it in the apartment of the KlangundKrach guys: drinking another beer and eventually laying my weary head to rest. When we wake up the next morning it’s the first day that we’re not in a hurry: no train or bus to catch in the morning. We take an easy breakfast, drink one more coffee and are chatting with our generous hosts. Later on, they take us back into town and put us on the bus to Varnsdorf.

After a comfortable two hour drive through winter wonderland we end up in a little village and about 5 minutes later we’re picked up by our new hosts, guiding us to their home, which is a dream on its own:  a gigantic farmhouse from 1857, almost entirely made out of wood. Again we’re treated on some good food and soon we’re off to the RC Peklo (RC for Rock Club). A place where they usually put on lots of Death Metal, Grindcore and the likes. So I was preppin for a though crowd… turned out to be a weird crowd in the end. It were around 20 people that showed up, but instead of giving us some attention they rather stayed in the bar area of the place, drinking beers and chatting. After my set, I decided to applaud for myself and give it a heartfelt “yeah!”. Had my fun by doing so. After the gig we asked at the bar if we could take some beers home and they translated that in a amusing form.

Beer for home

Beer for home




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