I’ll meet you in Poland, Baby

tour flyer

tour flyer

To make a difference, I took a train to the airport. Left home around 8 pm yesterday night and now (6 am the next day) I’m waiting for my flight to Warszawa. I have been awake the whole night (watching X-Files episodes… Season 6…) and by now, I’m starting to feel a little bit out of focus.

Gonna be on tour for about a week: traveling through Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. My musical compadres: Sindre Bjerga and Nils Rostad. I arrived at Köln-Bonn Airport around 12 pm and the place was a bit deserted… not so many people are as eager as me to not miss their flight… I guess. Had to wait until 5 am before Starbucks opened up again, but that cappuccino that I got in the end tasted really good. Hanging around a bit more, walking up and down the terminals and finally I can check in for my flight.

Think I fell asleep shortly after take off, because we arrive in Warszawa pretty swiftly. Everything is white. Nice to see some snow again and the air is crisp. Next shift of hanging around coming up: Nils and Sindre will arrive around 12 and tonight we’ll have our first gig.


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