Our 4 days in Istanbul

I’m not blogging, I’m not blogging!

And the’re still some things to say about this tour we did, last October.

We were leaving the US and apparently I looked very sad on that last photo we made at JFK… this was said by somebody who I trust to know me. So it must be right. And maybe I was yes. The US was one hell of a ride and I really want to go back there. So you can imagine that I didn’t really want to leave…

Anyway, we where heading back to Europe. By the way, we met up with Markus Majowski while waiting for our flight and where chatting about iPhone, Macs and what it is to be famous… well, mainly in his case ofcourse… that is, if you’ve seen “Enemy at the Gates” and/or are German and like comedy at Sat1. Nice guy and I guess we were the only ones who didn’t need to be on a photo with him or desired an autograph. Long story short: we flew back to Düsseldorf, took a train to Köln, checked in at our hotel and went to sleep. When we got up again it was time to get some dinner, some beers (in Germany it’s allowed to drink beer on the streets – it’s not possible to not take advantage of this privilege) and pick up Meldy from the train. Meldy was going to travel with us on the European part of our tour and we were both very happy to see her – she’s probably one of the coolest girls I know. So there you go.

having breakfast at our hostel

having breaky at our hostel - Wouter looking fukked up...

Before we knew it we were in Istanbul and met up with our host Batur aka Analog Suicide. Batur is organizing the SpektrOpen festival on an annual basis and that’s exactly where we would be playing tomorrow night. Tonight we were visitors and very tired, so we didn’t check out everything but chose for an early night instead – being at a cosy hostel for only 10 euros a night.

posing with Batur and strange fingers

posing with Batur and strange fingers

Istanbul. It’s pretty big. We mostly went around in the area that goes by the name Taksim and wandered on the streets, drinking tea and eating sweets.

drinking tea with Meldy

drinking tea with Meldy

Shows! Yes, we played two. Did solo sets at the Dogzstar venue. Me and Wouter. Was happy about that one, the audience liked it and me too. Apart from the sound guy… he was a bit angry about my frequency range, screwing up his PA and confronted me with a lot of fucking this and thats… well, fuck him I guess. Second one was at the SpektrOpen closing party as Preliminary Saturation. Meldy joined in at this one and that was quite a success. I knew she was good in the Meldy Peaches, but I guess I didn’t expect this. Ha!

hitting those high frequencies

hitting those high frequencies


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