USA East Coast Tour – Being romantic in New York

We’re getting up early today: another big trip ahead and an American date for me in New York! Guess that last one is the actual reason why we’re getting up so early… Wouter is bearing with me; he’s a sweetie. After saying goodbye to John and John we first start heading for New Haven, where our Swedish friend Jon Eriksen lives, since about two monts. His wife Allison got herself a job at the local University and for the coming few years, they’ll spend their time there together with their 3-year old son Sindre. It’s good to see them and the weather is getting colder. I’ll leave shortly after I planned my route for New York. So on my own on route 95! That was exciting and I surprised myself with finding Leilani’s address, in the middle of Brooklyn, without any problems – yay, way to go dude!

leaving Portsmouth

leaving Portsmouth

It’s great to see her smile when I meet her in the lobby of 105 Lincoln Road. After she introduced me to her friends, with whom she’s staying in New York this weekend, we start heading for Manhattan. In the metro I tell her that the trains look cleaner then what I saw in “the movies”. She replies that I should stop watching stupid movies and I guess she’s right on that one. I show her photos of our tour since Chapel Hill, until the battery of my camera calls it a day, and we get out at Union Square. Hang around a bit, looking out for apples and t-shirts and then head for a classy veggy restaurant. We’re both starting with pumpkin soup that is very yummy (the main dish couldn’t really top it). After dinner we jump into the metro again and head for Soho, to meet up for a drink with Dianna who’s also in NY. Lots of cuddly couples in the train and we’re fitting in. In a burlesque bar called Corio we drink “Satan’s Angel” from a tumbler while being surrounded by yuppies. After Dianna leaves we stay a bit longer, finishing the cocktail, looking at the yuppies. She asks me if she can kiss me. I guess I’m a bit of a slow guy… but I replied in a “yes” way. We’re gonna go for dessert in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – a hipster area. Would have been a good area to play a show, but that story pitiful worked out otherwise. At a French restaurant, we meet up with some other friends of Leilani and I share two Crème Brûlées with her. Just one really wasn’t enough. Passing over Broadway we’re traveling back to Lincoln Road. It’s getting towards 3am and I have to start heading back for New Haven… Touring obligations. Saying goodbye and making out in front of the Chevy is a bit awkward and funny due to a car full with old ladies parked right next to it.

Leaving New York and it’s dark and cold on the northbound route 95. I’m warming myself with the nicest memories.


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