USA East Coast Tour – Day 2, Oct. 5th 2008

Waking up the next day at Scott’s place in Washington, we discover how nice the surrounding area actually is. Lots of trees and lovely wooden houses, squirrels hop by and I see birds that I’ve never ever seen in Holland. Scott serves us a nice oatmeal breakfast and we have coffee with him, his housemates and Jason Kahn (who happened to stay there that night aswell). I have a lot of fun with hanging out on the porch of the house. Later on, we head into town and visit the Whitehouse, amongst other local attractions. Around three it’s time to meet up with Jeff and visit the first Sonic Circuits program of the day, at the Museum of Women in the Arts. Baby Dee is playing there, and also a duo from the UK and Burbulja from Spain. Burbulja has some nice electronic soundscapes with vocals and some live visual accompaniment, which I really like (it some kind of live cinema with water, bubbles and watercolours). After the show we head off to grab a bite, together with Jonas (aka Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words), at a German restaurant somebody told us to go. Funny place with lots of old people, German beer and lots of Sausages, but I went veggy and chose for the kartoffel puffer with applesauce, sourcream and coleslaw. 

first gig at Sonic Circuits

first gig at Sonic Circuits

With a full belly it was time to get back to the Velvet Lounge and get ready for our first gig of the tour. Still a bit tired from traveling and a cold is starting to rear it’s head, but it’s time to set up our stuff. Other bands that are playing that night: The Skull Defects, Talk Normal, Silvum and surprise act Dead Violets (project of Jeff, Jonas and a girl who’s name I forgot). Our set went pretty well; we had a lot of fun doing it and the reactions afterwards were positive. We watched the Dead Violets set and then we really needed to look up another bed… struck by tiredness and disease. Nothing was arranged for tonight, so we chose for a nice little hotel, just opposite from the (in)famous Hilton hotel where the Watergate scandal had its roots.


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