USA East Coast Tour – Day 1, Oct. 4th 2008

O me, o my. It really starts now. For about half a year we’ve been looking out for this tour and today, the 4th of october, it’s really going to kick off! Getting up at half past six, packing my last stuff into my backpack and it’s off to the trainstation to meet up with Wouter, my companion for the tour. Our destination: Dusseldorf Airport. At check-in my heart skips a first beat: apparently my name is not filled in correct at my reservation and “they” have to ask permission in the US to allow me to make the trip… it all works out well in the end but that were some very distressing minutes.

upon arrival in the US

upon arrival in the US

Customs control is strict but not very unpleasant; we get through without any problems and after another hour we can board our plane. Airberlin takes care of us very well: two meals, lots of drinks, chocolate, wine and even some cognac… happy campers we are. The 8 hours go by quite swift and before we know it we’re touching American soil and collect all our leftover courage to face our biggest fear: USA customs. What an anticlimax! We get through in less than 10 minutes and we didn’t even have to open our bags. We left 2 fingerprints and an iris-scan we answered some questions and that was it. We can’t believe that we were looking up against this part of our tour so much, for the last few months. Well anyway, we made it! We are in the US! There’s no stopping us now!
We’re not staying in New York though, in 4 hours we’re taking a domestic flight to Washington DC where we’ll meet up with Jeff. We’re spending some hours on JFK airport; hang around a bit, grabbing a bite and drinking our first American beer (which is not too bad). Tiredness is starting to kick in, since we’ve been up for about 20 hours already. We arrive in Washington and are overwhelmed by the grandeur of Ronald Reagan Airport. A gigantic stars-and-stripes points out clearly where we are. Off to the metro and off to the Velvet Lounge!

The part of Washington where we get out of the metro has a town-like feel to it, with it’s British style housing. The Velvet Lounge is just around the corner so: so far, so well. It turns out that Jeff isn’t at the venue and that we can’t stay at his place. Some asking around eventually gets us a place for the night and we’re content. We continue to hang around a bit at the Lounge and meet people who before we only knew through internet/mail contacts. People are nice here, it’s easy to make contact and we get buttons from a girl that is in a band called “Poly Phasig”. Later on we end up in Scott’s house and put our bodies to rest on an excellent mattress. We’re gonna call it a day.

first bed of the tour

Wouter checking out our first bed of the tour


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